How the wrong mindset can cause your business to fail


Strategy and tactics can be learned from pretty much anywhere. Mindset on the other hand starts with you. Peter Sage

The reason why I started Sage Business School was to reinfuse and make work together the three critical elements of business success – strategy, tactics, and more importantly – mindset.

In fact, mindset is so important, that we normally spend the entire first day (of 3 days) on it. It is also worth noting that virtually no other business school addresses mindset. Why is that?

The reason we start with mindset is because success is not about the strategies and tactics that you learn. The skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur, although they can be confusing, are not that difficult to master if you find the right quality of information.

Strategy and tactics can be learned from pretty much anywhere. Mindset on the other hand starts with you. What many entrepreneurs don’t realize, is the biggest difference when it comes to results, is who is applying these strategies and tactics.



Let’s for example you have two CEOs that go through business school. They both get their MBAs and have the exact same access to learning/knowledge. They both score the same on the test, but one of them creates a dramatically different business.

This has nothing to do with the information they have learned – it was (theoretically) the same in both cases.

Instead, it all has to do with different psychological approach and how they applied the information they learned. It’s about whether their psychology stops them. Do they have an unconscious aversion to success? Are they too busy trying to control things because they didn’t let go of their need for control?

Really, it’s about internal confusion of the mind. Whether they (and you) have resolved all the different aspects of their background, beliefs or relationship with business and time.

All these internal conflicts need to be resolved or addressed before learning the first key to marketing, sales or time management. And, as a matter of fact, very few people address this.

Business schools don’t do this because they are not schools of psychology. They only teach students skills, and then hope that the business owner’s or would-be-entrepreneurs graduate. Still, how are the mindsets of these entrepreneurs?

So the first master skill – and again, at Sage Business School we spend an entire day on this – is reinventing who you are in your relationships with business, money, your limitations, your self-sabotaging patterns, so that you can actually shift your relationship with life itself.

Once you do that, you know the decisions you make in business, are coming from a sense of personal truth and not a sense of limitation.

Once you master yourself, you can apply yourself at any level – whether it’s business, relationships or spending time with the your kids.

What is something you could do right now that could actually help you prepare for personal transformation?

One of the easiest things is to ask yourself better questions. Why? Questions direct the focus of the mind and the focus of the brain.

This is what you can do to harness the energy into whatever it is you’re focusing on.

So ask better questions, such as:

–          Where do my current beliefs around money come from?

–          What do I believe in when it comes to money?

–          What do I really feel about success and am I ready for it?

(This may sound like a silly question, but a lot of entrepreneurs sabotage themselves, because they’re just not ready for success. This could be the case because they’ve grown up in an environment where they feel that if they were successful, they would disassociate from the people that they care about the most. Their friends or family – or their parent had a particular work ethic that saw entrepreneurs in a negative light). Then keep asking yourself:

–          What am I when I look in the mirror? Who do I see? Do I see somebody who is successful or somebody who is still trying to prove his/her sense of worth to the world?

–          When was the last time I took 10 minutes to even ask myself these questions?

–          What are some of the better questions I could come up with, knowing that the patterns that I’ve run historically, are staring me in the face?

Many people get caught up in the pattern of busy for the sake of being busy. Rather than distract yourself with busy work, remember – mindset is everything. Get this right, ask better questions and then everything will start to change.

Take some time right now, sit down, think about these questions and see what you come up with.

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